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Vol. 17 No. 1
Vol. 17 No. 1
The Economics of Food, Health-care and Risk Mitigation (in English)

Given the choice and the information, consumers actually can decide for themselves what kind of food to purchase and the price they would be willing to pay for it. A banal statement, but consider this: Government sometimes make policies that give consumers little choice, even as some sectors seem to decide with strong advocacy (which regulators take as a signal to ban the farming ie. of a GMO crop or restrict the sale ie. of a GMO product) what people, including the many who are poor and poorly nourished, should not be eating. The issue of choice and information is central to the article Urban Household Demand for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Thailand. From the analysis of “revealed preference” data of 300 households in Bangkok and 200 households in urban areas of Chiang Mai, the study found that the trend in domestic demand for fresh fruits and vegetables is towards an emphasis on safety, quality and convenience; and this has been spurred by higher household income and educational level of consumers. Households are becoming more price responsive to fresh produce from the modern supply chain because of a perception of higher quality and safety. This is a signal for the entire food sector to adapt efficiently and quickly to changes in consumer preferences. Learning from supermarket chains traditional retailers, which still command a substantial customer base, can create customer trust by adopting safety and quality standards and striving to offer fresh produce with upgraded quality attributes. Modern retailers, which now have a widening customer base, can sustain their reputation and improve product lines by adopting premium standards...

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