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วารสาร ปีที่ 6 ฉบับที่ 1
Reliability and Validity of Social Indicators in Policy Analysis (in English)

Manvipa Indradat

This article illustrates the role and relationship between social indicators and policy analysis. The role of policy analysis is to ensure decision makers/administrators that they have provided a through report of a public policy. Comprehensive reports should be clear, concise, and correct reliable so that they are tools for decision makers/administrators. To arrive at this state of perfection, an analyst has to screen and test the available information which include social indicators. These are one of the information sources frequently used in policy decision making. This is some argument about the reliability and validity of social indicators. Source justify the index as a rival of economic indicators (Bauer: 1996), a reduction of subjectivity in social science (Carley: 1981), a reflection of social conditions (Poungsamlee, et al: 1996), or just simply a tool of social analysis (De Neufville: 1975). Others see deduction of social reality into statistical representation as suffering from reification (Mouzellis: 1995). On the extreme side Samuel P. Huntington pronounced social indices as a fail attempt to explain social phenomenon (Hun-tington: 1988). The argument can run-on depending on scholars’ perceptions of what method should be used in forming public policy.

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